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4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Kyks says:

    Juleyeh!!! special Request:

    Post some recipes that I can make for the superbowl!!! something very quick and american to feed the army yalleh jeyeh la 3ina to7dar l game :)

    I have swiss mushroom on my list :)

  2. Julia says:

    I will be posting today Superbowl Baked Potatoes!

    For other recipes I recommend: Popcorn, Mixed Nuts, Crackers, Chips & Dips, Nachos, Buffalo Wings, Pizzas, Sausage Rolls and finally all types of beverages specially BEER.

    Enjoy the Game!
    Hope the team you’re supporting WINS!

  3. krystel says:

    yiiii I just saw this email!! It was never sent it to my address.
    jay the pesto sauce looks amazing but in fish filet, the filet is written with one L only.

    You stilll didn’t fix the recipes typo!!!

    your faithfull copywriterK 😀


  4. Julia says:

    Thanks a lot copywriter :)
    check the about page, it has been updated 😉

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